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I recently took a long weekend in Montana and the first morning there, felt inclined to write. For me that means journalling, sometimes riffing feelings and thoughts... coming to realizations I like to share with people close to me. This is one of those pieces.

Figured why not start publishing some writing like old times... 

Placid Lake, Montana. 
8/17/18. 9:30am. 

We spend so much time listening to what our heads tell us. What our hearts tell us. But, what is your soul telling you? Have you spent time with her? Where is she? With you, behind you, or ahead of you?

We live with such a dynamic ability to think, learn, and feel. There is no “me,” when you think about it. It’s “us.” It’s every single side of you that has been conflicted at the face of a decision. Everything in your being working together to make your body function every second of your life.

I want to be on the same playing field as my soul. To be the body she wants to exist in; the heart she wants to love with; the mind she wants to communicate with. I want her to be happy with the body, heart, and head she has right now. I want her to be taken care of, to feel safe, and to feel like she’s growing. I want her to be the fullest expression of who she wants to be. For her to experience everything she wants to experience—so that the next vessel she finds herself in, she can live that much more of a beautiful, wise, and caring life.

That perspective explains a lot about my beliefs about comfort in my life. I value it immensely. Comfort is one of the best ways for me to measure balance and happiness. When I think of discomfort, I liken it to a feeling of being unsettled. Something between the innerworkings of my head, heart, and soul are in different places. It's my responsibility to find a compromise between all of those energies to find my ultimate comfort. My ultimate balance. My ultimate happiness.

Sometimes my heart will win. Sometimes my head will win. My soul steps in last, I think. I feel it more as a guiding energy that I can choose to listen to—and live for—or not.

Maybe the soul is the most sensitive of the three. The one that needs most care. Like the younger sibling everyone wants to make decisions for and take care of; but, really is pretty smart and knows the best decision for them.

I'd describe the feeling as an instinct. An unwavering knowingness. Everyone has it, but I think where some lose sight is not trusting it, or even lacking the awareness that it exists inside them.

We’re so wrapped up in thinking about the “me,” letting our hearts or our heads take over. Sitting for hours, days, sometimes years in confusion about the direction and purpose of our lives. I think we are the most ourselves when we reign in the battle of our heart and head, find rest in our body, and feel the energy of our soul.

When you find it, feel it. Sit, and listen. When you let your soul’s energy flow through you; balance will find you. You don’t have to force what is ahead one way or another. It’s your job to listen to your soul and act accordingly. But, you have to have that close relationship to your soul to feel it, listen to it, trust it, nurture it. Keep it close because you're lucky to have it.

At the end of the day, when you ask yourself things like, are my kids safe? Is my partner happy? Is my family healthy? Maybe we should signature that with, is my soul with me today?

Head, Body Soul Connection - Portland Blog - Style Interplay

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