I've recently identified that blue striped cotton is my everyday staple... and somehow have worked it into my every day. This year I've been coveting blue stripe (as many have) and I've gone on a little hunt to find my faves. My final picks here are fairly predictable, but hopefully still helpful. 

Looking for: blue and white stripe long sleeve collared, button down shirt. Something that's a bit longer in length and can transition through the seasons. Preferably 100% cotton, but okay with a majority blend. 

Looking to spend: $50 - $100. 

Brands to start my search: J. Crew, Everlane, Need Supply Co. 

Monki Tie Back Striped Shirt Dress. This first one I found on ASOS. I like the simple oversized cut, the clean stripe and smaller collar. It's 100% cotton and looks like an easy fit for everyday. There is a small tie back which I probably wouldn't use, and just let hang loosely. But it's a cute option if I ever want to tie at my waist for a more feminine silhouette. I'd definitely buy this...

*And I did. More to come one this. It's still available and on sale right now for $32.

Everlane Cotton Poplin Collarless Shirt Dress. Of course I've been eyeing this. I'm an Everlane junkie. I love how they styled the dress with pants—the silhouette appears to be slightly more fitted but the dress over pants thing really floats my boat. Easy, comfortable modern. This is priced at $65, and with my previous experiences with Everlane, I have no doubt the quality will hold up. I'd definitely buy this....

*And I did. More to come on this one too :) 
The Stelen Eva Striped Shirt from Need Supply Company. No... I didn't end up buying this. But will mention that originally priced at $68, it is now on sale for $20.99 and I am very tempted. I loved the style of the sleeve here, almost cut as an A-line. What deterred me was the fit. The comfort of a longer, relaxed fit gets me every time, especially buying online. If I was more confident my boobs would fit into a more fitted shape, I'd go for it. That's really the only thing holding me back with this one, especially with that deep discount.

I didn't end up finding anything notable from J. Crew— and yes, totally bought two while shopping... But honestly I don't know how many is too many blue striped shirts. 

This edition of SHOPPING FOR is a little late.. so I'll be coming at you with a review on these soon. 

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