Wanting a denim skirt is a new development. It's one of these trends that have come in and out, but lately I've seen so many ways people have turned it into an everyday staple, that I've just caved. I love denim. I'd wear it head to toe everyday if I could, so why wouldn't I have every variation of it in my wardrobe as possible, right?

Brands I had in mind: Madewell, Topshop, Zara, Levi's. 

Budget: around $60, preferably below that.

Topshop Moto Denim Skirt. This was one of the first ones I ran across. The wash of this skirt is classic, and the shape of it really caught my eye, and the $55 price tag is definitely in my budget. What ended up steering me away from this is when I saw it on the model. The frayed edge really stood out and already looked like it was starting to curl. Seeing this made me look for something with a more finished edge. 

Shopping For The Perfect Denim Skirt - Style Interplay blog Portland Oregon
Asos Original High Waisted Denim Skirt. Honestly, I might still end up getting this. It wasn't the winner, because I was really looking for a traditional blue denim, but I love the silhouette of this. It's listed as 100% cotton, which is also a win, considering many of the more fitted denim shapes have some sort of elastane in them. I like that it looks like it's completely fitted around the butt, and doesn't curve out in any awkward way. I've also been a buyer of Asos high waisted pants, and know they've fit me well, so I'd hope the skirt fit is similar.

Shopping For The Perfect Denim Skirt - Style Interplay blog Portland Oregon
Madewell Mccarren Raw-Hem Jean Skirt. Here's the thing. Madewell's marketing always gets me. They GET me. I click on more Madewell emails than any other in my inbox, I am always perusing the site and their social for inspiration. So naturally, I'm gonna check out Madewell, known for denim.. for a denim skirt. This one, looks great, sounds great, might be great. I've had two bad experiences with Madewell denim. The color fades way too fast, the spandex is too high and it just stretches too much.. one thing or the other and I think this time I've learned my lesson. I could be totally wrong... but don't really want to risk it. It is 100% cotton, so if you already know and love Madewell denim and have had different experiences, this may be for you. 

Shopping For The Perfect Denim Skirt - Style Interplay blog Portland Oregon
Levi's Everyday Skirt. This is what I landed on. It's got the classic denim 5 pocket details, it's 100% cotton heavyweight denim, and I'm a fan of the faded wash. I'm really into the classic Levi's pocket. Denim skirts are so simple, that to me, the classic brand element really came into play when purchasing a piece of denim. I'm into the relaxed fit and shape, The last thing I want is a short or tight denim skirt I can't wear as an "everyday" piece because it cuts into my waist or thigh. The real test will be walking around... I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't ride up! Review to come next week!

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