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I chose the Royal Blue because somehow I've ended up with an entirely olive outerwear wardrobe, or seemingly so when there are days I walk out the door with an olive sweater, olive coat and olive backpack. It's been time to switch it up for a while. Now, I'll just end up with an entirely blue outerwear wardrobe, which I'm okay with.  

Moving on... It came just as expected. The color matches, the size is what I was looking for (10 ½"W x 15"H) and everything looks great. The straps had to be adjusted a lot there isn't a ton of leeway with the strap length. After about a month of everyday wear, to work, weekend trips and just out and about there are a few things I do want to mention that aren't my fave. 

The laptop slot. Yes, it's great that there is one, it comes with a foam sheet for protection, but it almost has to be removed. It feels like the fabric might rip with the tight fit of both a laptop and the foam protector. I use a macbook pro 13" and a macbook air 13", and have taken out the foam protector for both. 

I wanted the smaller size, (10 ½"W x 15"H) but shoppers error here. I like the look and feel of the smaller backpack, but have realized I sometimes carry too much shit around with me and could use a few more inches for things like my larger sketchbooks and extra workout shoes... etc.

The quality. It looks and feels durable, I imagined the canvas would have been slightly heavier than it is but it hasn't soaked through the many rainy walks to and from work yet, so it works. The kicker: the seaming along the front pocket fastening the zipper is starting to unravel. Big bummer. The zipper is only fasted with a single line of topstitching which means it's going to unravel and the zipper will fall off.

Aside from the few downsides in the quality I thought I'd receive, I haven't yet returned it. I purchased this from Nordstrom, it cost me $75 with free shipping. Looking at the breaking seam right now, I've logged on to download a return shipping label...

I went against my instincts and didn't buy directly from the Fjällräven site, but now I'm kind of glad I di because I wouldn't have gotten free shipping either way.

Such a bummer because I really love the shape, look and color. But after less than two months of wear and the zipper falling off because of a broken seam, I gotta break my lazy return habits (or lack thereof) and return it so I can find something better.

Fjällräven 'Kånken' Water Resistant Backpack Product Review

Fjällräven 'Kånken' Water Resistant Backpack Product ReviewI'm pretty sad about giving this cute backpack some negative points, but I really want something that will last me longer than a just few months. And for my budget stated in my backpacks shopping post, I think I should be able to find one. 

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