You'd think this is something I already have. I have black leather ankle boots with a 1 1/2" heel, that I've worn plenty of time on this blog; furthest back I can find is a post in 2013. But, lets go shopping, we've got new chelsea boot requirements over here.

What I'm looking for: I'm looking for something black, high enough shaft to cover my angle, not too low of a bootie. Definitely something with a rubber sole. I've destroyed all my leather sole shoes, and haven't put the investment in getting them resoled, or cobbled to get rubber on them before I ruin them even more. That's definitely a goal of mine this year... repair my old leather soles. But! Rubber soles so I can wear them through the winter, and don't have to worry too much about them wearing down or me slipping everywhere.

What I'm willing to spend: $150 - $250

Brands I had in mind: Asos, Everlane, Dr. Martins, Danner, Sorel.

During the search: This one was hard. I looked high and low at classic boot brands and looked at what's trendy right now and none hit the mark for me. Many like Sorel and Danner leaned too far in the utilitarian, more clunky style, while others were too delicate with leather soles. So, here's how I narrowed the search down, and which Chelsea boots I ended up buying!

Stuart Weitzman Basilico Boot. Top of the dreamy list. Perfect hight, has the rubber sole. Elegant but still durable silhouette. Only reason I didn't stop my search here? The $420 price tag. Originally $525. No-can-do. But wish-I-could-do. 

Dr Martins Kensington Flora Chelsea Boots. These I really love, and am still considering. I was perusing the Dr. Martins site and all the ones currently available are great, but I was looking for more of a slim shape. I ended up finding this Kensington style on asos and I'm a big fan. Also in my price range at $131. 

Asos American Leather Chelsea Boot. The shape of these and the gentle curve of the elastic around the heal is a unique touch. I do wish that these came in black, but the only black ones in this shape were suede - which is a no-go for what I'm looking for. Certainly in my price range under $60. I'm slightly wary of the quality given the asos brand and price tag, but these are definitely a great option. The don't have the rubber sole, but are listed as "other materials" for the sole, so I'd look into possibly adding that. But still I don't know if I'd invest in doing that to these ones not knowing the quality or how long they'd really last. 

Asos Attribute Leather Boots Chelsea Ankle Boots. I found these on the asos search as well. I have the same concerns as mentioned above about the quality, in addition to the mysterious "other materials" in the soles. But these are as basic and classic of a shape you can get. 

Everlane Brixton Boots. These guys are what I landed on. I had my eye on these for a while and was a bit weary of the crepe rubber, as in my experience that can wear down and get dirty fairly quickly. But, I'm avidly looking at Everlane's new releases, and as a brand founded on transparency, I feel like I can always trust the quality and always feel good buying from them. A few seasons ago, I bought the Everlane Modern Loafer, and they've become an everyday staple. The Brixton Boots were at the top end of my price tag at $225, but it was definitely worth it.

Stay tuned next week for a full review after month of wearing them, 5 days a week. 

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