This year, I really need to replenish my basics. And like every other millennial who can afford it, I'm into the idea of doing it the right way. Doesn't mean I'm fully counting out fast fashion brands, but I really want to make an effort to find things I really love, so queue: "Shopping For:____" with your girl Tayler.

What I'm looking for: something neutral that can fit my 13" laptop, a couple overnight necessities. Something I can both take to work and on a hike. Something that won't soak in the Portland rain. Something that's easily washable because I can't tell you how many times my lunch tupperware has leaked soy sauce into my current one. Not a cute smell. I'm up for a variety of styles. From something minimal, to more outdoor, PNW vibes.

Looking to spend: About $100

Brands I had in mind: 
Wood & Faulk , Everlane, Topo Designs, Herschel Supply Co.

Wood & Faulk Shuttle Pack. This one first came to mind because I mentioned it in a previous post, and just think it's a really cool design. Unfortunately, with the canvas, hardware and leather, I'm not convinced I'll keep it clean. There are also a few days here and there when my bag can get heavy, the strap design doesn't look very friendly to my achy back. So, although it's a beauty. Not a great fit for me. 

The Everlane Modern Zip. I'm a big fan of this no frills design. It's the right size, love the monochromatic color... Looks like an easy to clean twill. Think again. Spot clean only with leather details. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of leather details. But when I want to throw it in the wash, I want to throw it in the wash. Feel me? 

Topo Daypack. I've been familiar with Topo for sometime. Used to sell them at when I previously worked at Bridge & Burn here in Portland. I'm definitely a fan of the daypack, apart from their well known rugged snow withstanding outdoor packs. This one solves the problems I had above. It has the nice streamlined monochromatic design and colorway, yet this one is totally washable. My only issue is that it was slightly over what I was ready to pay at $145. I know it would be worth it, but I wanted to keep looking. 

Herschel Settlement Backpack. We're getting a lot closer here. My only setback? Do I really want to have the literal exact same backpack as every freakin other human on every single dang corner of Portland? Maybe yes. Please, I want to be cool too. I really like this light navy color, it's got the streamlined design, it even has leather zipper pulls that look like they can be removed... which means easy wash. It's definitely in my price range, the only thing is I wish it was at least water resistant. And really I don't actually want the same backpack as everyone else. PLEASE I just want to be a unique snowflake that also fits in, what else can I ask for? 

It came down to some google searching and what did I find?

Fjällräven Kånken Water Resistant Backpack. Found it. This backpack had everything I was looking for. Clean design, water resistant, a good blue neutral color. Not too many frills, but a good retro shape, and I really like the grossgrain handles at the top are a nice detail. Not to mention I can't get away from Swedish design these days. I bought this from Nordstrom priced at $75... because that convenient freeship and return offer is a no brainer. 

Later note: After I bought this I immediately realized how trendy they are. I see multiple people wearing these every day, so I feel less like a shopping wizard for landing on it. But, stay tuned, a review to come next week after using this for everything, everyday. 

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