This past week I didn't have internet at my new place and it was actually very refreshing. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't just use my phone data to replace it, but I found myself being a lot more creative with my time and thoughts. It's kind of sad how my routine is so greatly dependent on the internet. I work on the internet, I am entertained on the internet, I learn from the internet... What is my life?? 

It allowed me to reconnect with more hands on and mindful creative stuff that I have been neglecting for a while. Drawing, writing in a journal with a pen and paper, dancing to my own voice sliding around on hard wood that I'm not used to. Talking to my plants, (I'm telling you... it's the best therapy), whipping out my hand looms and weaving again

Sitting with my own thoughts. Letting myself go into trances about my future gypsy farm dream life. Realizing how loud things are around me... My dishwasher right now is going crazy, and I'm always startled by the beeping from the washer and dryer. The echo of voices that were never loud before. The slamming of pots and pans in the sink. The rumble of the building when a semi truck drives by.

Being drowned by content consumption and routine, those noises get lost in the bustle of life and weren't noticeable until I was forced to notice them.

It pours down rain and I can see it, but can't hear it. So I sit by the window and tune everything else out but the rain. Focus in on just that sound, and things feel peaceful again.

It's amazing how we can just decide what to pay attention to, or which thoughts to get lost in. We have more control than we think and it's really an amazing ability to explore. So with practice, I'm trying to be more intentional with what I hear. With how I listen, and what I listen to.

Ears perked.

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