Jumpsuit Styling
Life's a changin', Again! Always! For those of you who don't follow me on instagram, I got a new job! woot woot. Anddd what am I doing? Blogging and social media. YEP. Who woulda thunk? It's been a month now and I have to say.... I LOVE IT. Sure! I'll do all the creative things I've loved to do my entire adult life all day every day. :) Anyways....

Rose Tattoo Portland
This jumpsuit. A new key piece in my monthly rotation. I usually have a hard time with jumpsuits because I'm 5'7" with a long torso. That means jumpsuits = camel toe and wedgie all day. No one likes that. But this new loose, relaxed jumpsuit trend going on is perfect. I'll rock it well after the trend dies. One of my favorite examples are the Ace & Jig Onsie Jumpsuits. My coworker has one and it looks fab on her. With little clogs or ankle booties... It's on my wishlist. 

Black Jumpsuit Outfit
What I'm wearing: H&M Jumpsuit, (similar), Target sandals (now on sale!). It doesn't take much to style this piece. I wore it with sandals here, but I could easily throw a sweater and wear it with booties too. Or dress it up with a necklace and nicer flats or heals. I'm a big fan.

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