The cool thing about being a native to Portland, and having gone to college in a nearby town, is that making connections through mutual friends and acquaintances happens so often. As the city grows and gains credentials in the industry I'm in, I feel like I'm growing right along side it.  It's an awesome feeling being a new generation in the professional world, in the industry I've been been working towards being a part of for 6 years. Now, I'm here and feeling like I'm just now getting started.

These pics were taken by Riche, an up and coming boss photographer who reached out to me in referral of other creatives she's featured on her blog, Stumptown Fix. Look forward to a interview with me on her blog soon!

I've wrote this blog post tons of times in effort to make a decision as to where I see it going next. But the reality is, I have no idea. I thought about telling my career journey story and how my blog has really backed me in all my professional ventures... I started writing more of a personal entry about being self confident even during slow and seemingly pathetic lulls in your career. I began writing about what it's like to be 23 and how I actually achieved the goals I set for myself six years ago.

Any of those posts would be way too long for this anniversary post, and might even be the kinds of topics I write about next. I realized what really needs to happen is a big huge thank you...

This blog was never really about reach for me as much as much it was just serving as a space for me to express and explore things in life. But, to those that do follow my journey, whether it be here on this blog, or elsewhere, I really do appreciate every comment, like, share, and interaction I get to have because of this little blog here I started six years ago. We're on the same team and I'm not sure if I would have continued blogging if it weren't for the comments here and there asking where I've been. Being able to make the connections I have is truly invaluable. 

A thank you to my friends and the fam who've been there to support me even if they don't fully understand the path I'm headed. You guys give me the support and voice of reason I need when I'm just getting too serious about things and need to chill and be patient. A thank you for just letting me be who I am with no expectations or exceptions.

As for ms. Style Interplay here... She's still alive, I'll letchu know when there's a new post :) 

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