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Creative Start - This is probably my favorite, which is why it's at the top of my list. Hosted by Courtnee Lauren Brown, it's a series of interviews with creative entrepreneurs— getting into the knitty gritty of how they got their creative start. This is my favorite because she interviews a variety of people in different industries who all have very different ways they got to the place they are now. The episodes run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and were perfect for me on my commute to work. What I didn't know until I went to write this post, is that they also have a beautiful blog and website

Being Boss - I think I heard of these ladies directly from one of the Creative Start episodes. They're two friends with different company's who just re-hash what it's like to run their own business. They interview each other and like minded business women in a way that's more unstructured, and they don't hold back. They are up front and honest about the problems they face and how they found solutions to them. It's real, honest and both their voices are so charming.  The Accidental Creative - Short motivational episodes by, Tod Henry, a guy who is very obviously super into what he does. These are short, 5 - 25 minute episodes including interviews and quickfire tips and tricks on anything from running your business to just getting through the day. One of my favorite episodes so far is Following The MuseThink, Make Sell. - Also a great one. More of a no - fuss, direct interview style podcast that tends to focus more on web developers, web experts, writers who write about websites... you get the gist. A straightforward look at developers who have started working for themselves outside of an agency or big tech company. If you are looking to get into a tech start up, this one is for you.After the Jump - This was the very first podcast I ever listened to! And it's a great one. It's by Grace Bonney, the gal behind Design Sponge (which is how I found it), and she interviews creatives, entrepreneurs, branding experts, store owners and everyone in between. Along the same lines as Creative Start, these people talk about how they started their own business, and what day to day life really looks like.If you have favorite podcasts that follow the same creative entrepreneurial theme, please send them my way!

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