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Taken by Boone Rodriguez as pt. 3 of our Greenhouse series.

Oui! It's mid-March already, time goes by way too fast. What have I been up to? Eating too much food. Spending a lot of time on the apartment hunt, getting ready for more changes in my career, lifestyle and all around well-being.

I recently received a Passion Planner that I ordered just after the new year. It's got me writing down goals, making me really think about and put a timeline on how and when I am going to achieve them.

Portland Fashion Blog
I put a decent effort in making sure I indulge in things that make me happy. To take time for myself everyday, week and month and make sure I do a few things that I feel really good about. Whether it's something simple like writing a blog post, making myself a great meal, going on a run or purging my closet.

The planner has helped me look back and recognize what those things were and remember what I did achieve. So often I look back and devalue what I've done in the day and think I've achieved nothing. But when I write everything that I've done down, I can look back and realize my achievements and feel more accomplished.

Portland Fashion Blog

Portland Fashion BlogIt has helped a lot, really. I'm not a type-A personality at all. I'm not a hyper organized crazy planner person, so I didn't really know if the planner would help me at all, or If I'd even use it. But, I do. Not on a daily basis, but on a weekly one. I'll write down the big things I want to do in the week, and write down all the things I actually did. Whether they helped me achieve my original goals or not. 
I think everyone at one point in life realizes that no matter how much planning or work you put into achieving your goals, things sometimes just don't go your way. And instead of being bummed and thinking you aren't getting anything done, looking at what you did do makes a huge difference on how you look at achieving your goals. 

Portland Fashion Blog
Using the planner has definitely helped me in the past month, I'd suggest looking into it. Also, yes! These photos have nothing to do with that, other than maybe inspiring a fresh start to spring! 

Wearing jacket and tank that I made, and Gap track pants (that are now on sale). And as some people have asked, tattoo is by Tally Matthew

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