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Photography by, Allison Reaves Photography

I'm thankful to have talented friends around me to collaborate with. Wednesday morning on Oct. 29th Allison and I went out to shoot some photos in one of my absolute favorite spots in Portland. Directly below the St. Johns bridge, aside from Cathedral Park having coffee on the boat docks.  

I grew up in St. Johns, and although the park has become one of the most overshot places in the city, it's for good reason. We were up bright and early, stopped in at Anna Banana's before 7:30 am for coffee, and then headed to the boat docks. 

There's something I really love about being on the water. I've never been one to get seasick, in fact, I reminisce about the times and feeling being on the water gives you. The up and down of the waves is especially calming for me. 

This sweater I've had for years and years. It's shown up on this blog every fall/winter season. These jeans I accrued from a naked lady clothing party over the summer. They're a low waist peg leg jean but in a size or two too big which give them a relaxed look. This scarf was an H&M find. I need to stop shopping there, I go way too much but it's because I always score things I really love, including this scarf. And everyone should know by now about my scarf obsession. 

portland bridges
We started shooting right after sunrise at 7:45 and as someone who doesn't usually get to work till 10, it wore me out but was so worth it. I wouldn't go as far as categorizing myself to morning person, but it's amazing how an early start can effect my mood and level of productivity throughout the day. But it's kind of like working out— you know how good it makes you feel, but the level of effort it takes to make it part of your routine is much easier said than done.  

I'd love to get to that point. Train myself to wake up at 6 a.m. and start productivity before 10 a.m. It'll require an early bedtime and probably a quick 15 minute sesh of coffee making and pinterest pinning to get me inspired for the day. Has anyone else done this? Trained themselves to be a morning person? I just read Patricia Brights blog post about being a morning person and she has some good tips! If you have more tips send them my way! 

coffee and oxfords

PS: I wen't to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Portland the night before Halloween and it was so great. The crowd wasn't as participatory as I had expected, but it's totally a thing I could see myself getting into and going wild with it every year. Plus, I love watching drag in general. The showing I went to was at the World Trade Center theater in Portland- who knew Portland had a world trade center? Who knew that there was a theater in it? It's pretty neat in there if you ever have a reason to go! 

early coffee on the dock
What I'm waring: Topshop Milla Oxford, JCrew Toothpick Denim, Cable Knit Sweater-Similar, H&M Scarf

There's a whole series of looks we shot around here, stay tuned every monday for the next couple weeks for more looks. 

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