For the last 4 months, my energy and most mental space has been focused on my collection. Every year at Oregon State the School of Design and Human Environment puts on a Spring Fashion show at the end of may that showcases Junior and Senior collections. 

This year is the first time I am submitting a collection and I am really friggin' excited about it. Last year, I dropped out of the show for a number of reasons. But most prominently I received an internship in New York— and I decided to devote my time and money planning my move there. It was worth it. 

This year, I struggled a bit in deciding what kind of collection I wanted to do. Whether I wanted to pick up my menswear collection where I left off last year, or start anew. 

I ended up being inspired by a problem I was having last year and wanted to be able to solve that problem and incorporate it into a new collection. Here in this small town it is nearly impossible to find good fabric of any kind. We have Joann fabrics and that's about it. And since I don't have a car, or an abundance of money to pay  to order online and ship fabrics, I decided that I would make the fabrics I envisioned myself. 

To be honest, I was a bit intimidated by my own idea. I knew that if I started with something like this, I'd have to really commit and make it the focus of my looks. So, I designed a collection based on my aspirational consumer and then asked my dad to build me a loom.

A hand loom. Not one of those large table looms, but much like a card weaver on a larger scale. I chose something like that because I knew that I wanted to use different weave structures, and thicker yarn that would typically be used for knitting. I'm also a newbie, so it allowed me to experiment and learn as I went. After all, I've never done anything like this before, it was a great set up for a beginner weaver like me. 

This is a preview of what my collection looks like! I'm very proud of my looks, and I hope that they are received in the light that I intended. This is a 5 look, 11 piece collection. And I am currently in the process of adding a couple smaller accessories for the runway. 

Soon I'll have full line photos that I will share on this blog. Where I'll talk about the actual design, construction and execution process. I also plan to elaborate on who this collection is really for, who I see wearing it, and where I'd love to see it hanging in stores. 

My Fall 2014 collection will be walking the runway at Oregon State University on May 23 during the annual Spring Fashion Show


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