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Sleeveless Shift Dress

School will be the focus this week. Second wind of midterms and project due dates have snuck up on me. In any case, we're back to Monday outfit posts! Also, this Friday is the OSU Spring Fashion show and my collection will be walking! I'm excited to see everything come together. If you didn't see my last post about my collection, please check it out here at: "Tayler Worrell, Fall 2014 Collection Preview."

Revlon Red Nails
This dress I found thrift shopping at Goodwill a couple months ago, and this was the first time I got to wear it. Given the heat we've been getting in Oregon, This dress was honestly the most comfortable thing I wore all week. I think it was $7.99 for this bright blue shift dress.It's a bit big on me, but I think the shape lends itself well to be a bit over sized. The only problem being that the deep V neckline is a bit too much. I attempted to bring it up a bit, but it skewed the shape too much. My temporary fix for covering the boobage was this scarf I made right that morning before we shot these photos. It ended up bring the look together perfectly with the black Asos sandals and clutch
OSU Fashion and Style

Not only was this perfectly comfortable for the heat, but it was away from the body, and an appropriate hemline. With a minor fix at the neckline, it really is the perfect dress for so many occasions; it just hangs on your shoulders ready to go.So, I figured that in the future, I should really just re-make this dress in different fabrics. I've found my perfect go-to summer dress! And I'm not much of a dress girl I much prefer separates, but I think the nature of this dress just hanging on the shoulders away from my body really is what drew me in.Tayler Worrell, Fashion blogger
 Since this was a thrifted find, I went online shopping to find you some similar ones!

Asos Parklane Sandals
Photography: ILLGANDER

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