This week has been an interesting one for me. Probably the first week this term where I see things really starting to change and have time to think. Think about life. I started to get bored last weekend because I had nothing really to focus on or worry about. My collection that had taken up every nook and cranny in my schedule besides work and classes was now finished. So there's quite a bit of time to think.

Lucky for me, my MacBook has been starting to misbehave which gave me some setbacks. But, nothing unmanageable. I took my computer to the computer doctors on campus, but they weren't able to cure it, so I might have to take it to the mac store. Totally gives me anxiety because my laptop is practically my child. I live on it way more hours in the day than I should.

Out of slight boredom and anxiety about being bored, I needed something new going on. That's where these bangs come in, if you hadn't already noticed. Thursday during the day I just decided that I wanted something new with the current mop on my head and this was what it was going to be! I cut them myself like the scissor artist that I am. It worked out fine; but one day I can just see my luck with the scissors going awry. I've enjoyed them so far. It makes it look like I have more of a style going on now that I can finally put the majority of my hair up with the help of some bobby pins. If I get annoyed by them, they'll be grown out enough by the summer anyways. After I cut all my hair off last year around this time to a pixie cut, my attachement to hair has gone out the window and it's actually pretty great. 
This dress I made a couple months ago in hopes to wear it during an interview and maybe put it in my collection. Neither of those things worked out, but I still had this adorable dress I still hadn't worn! So here it is. It actually has some really cool darting details that you can't even really see because of the nature of the fabric, but it gives a really nice hug in the waist and more emphasized hip. Not that my body time needs more curves anywhere, but the idea was to give it a more modern shape to a cutesy dress. I like it, it's very "me."

Friday was the Spring Fashion show I've been chatting up for a while now. It has passed and it went so very well. My collection was deemed, "Best use of technique, innovation and originality." Which in my opinion, are the best things for a designer to be recognized for amongst others. ;) Narcissism aside, I am pretty proud of my work and I am thankful to be recognized for it. More photos of my collection will be on their way within the next month! I gotta get those professional photos for my design portfolio

Anyways, I'm gonna wrap it up by saying Happy two year anniversary to my partner, Craig and I. It was on Sunday. He was traveling the whole day on the East coast, but you knowthat's how long distance relationships work I guess. In any case, it's a big deal and I'm proud of us. We're awesome.

Photography: ILLGANDER

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