Monday, April 28, 2014

Hi everyone! I spent this last weekend in Portland for Portland Fashion Week, Spring 2014. I'll be posting about that later this week because I wanted to keep things consistent with my Monday outfit posts! Stay tuned.
This week I wanted to wear a couple items that haven't been getting a lot of love; ie: these green trousers and my vintage fedora. I love these pants but golly dang they frustrate mebecause half way through the day the knees sag and they become a size bigger. I only wear them for short days because of that. 

That's what you get when you buy cheap things from H&M! I probably need to get rid of them but I love the color and length. Maybe I should make them into shorts? Trouser shorts?
I made this shirt a couple nights before with a pattern I made for my spring collection. I was organizing my fabric that day and found that I had enough of this thin wale corduroy fabricso I decided to not only test my pattern out, but make myself a new top! I think it goes well with the wool hat and trousers, yeah? Perfect fabric and style to transition into warmer (still rainy) days.

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Photography: ILLGANDER