Dressing casual and comfortable

The thing I love about style is that what's comfortable, cool, or sexy is entirely dependent on a person and their style. For some people, comfortable comes in a closet full of cinched waists and full skirts. Others, it means skinny jeans and a sweatshirt. Whatever makes you feel good from the start of the day till the end is what you should wear. My rule of thumb is that- if I don't feel like changing into sweatpants by the time I get home, then I've put together a good outfit for me. 

dressing casual and sexy
Casual sexy outfit

To Be Tooled styleinterplay.com
Topshop Milla flatsTo Be Tooled styleinterplay.com

For me, comfortable means a closet full of knits. This skirt I made a while ago and has been featured on this blog many times, for a good reason. It's a curve hugging, jersey knit maxi skirt with a slit up the leg. Whats more comfortable and sexy? For me, it's the real deal. 

I paired it with a ratty sweater that I've had for years I mainly use it to layer. But the day brought some unexpected warmth in the PNW, so my jacket wasn't fit for all day.

Loving my Milla oxfords from Topshop. Much needed investment for my wardrobe. 

How to style tooled leather

Topshop Milla Oxford | Backpack | Skirt | Sweater | Rachel Comey Rockaway Jacket | Vintage necklace

Pretty quick post this week. I've been busy with with a lot of little things here and there. I'll be working a lot on my collection from here on out. I'm excited to get it rolling. 

Have a great week!

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