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I'm feeling it. Really just feeling my new classy shoes that make me want to start tap dancing. This snazzy faux fur stole and glasses are really not helping either. My inner Gene Kelly would be more convincing with white socks and a white button up. And if I was actually in the rain, but we weren't feeling a rainy outfit shoot it has been an absolute downpour here in the upper left. Typical. 
Derek Cardigan Glasses Everyday Outfit on styleinterplay.com
This is my uniform. Work, school, everywhere and anywhere. Black skinnies, boyfriends coat, and some things around my neck and sitting on my head. Good ol' backpack and purple oxford button down that I've conveniently matched my nails to.

I've definitely spent my fair share of hours this last week catching up with NYFW shows. I might post my favorites and what I think about upcoming trends later. These days bloggers tackle trends before the retail industry can actually turn them over in sales for the intended season. Which I think is really interesting. I think I'll contribute my two trend forecasting cents after Paris for FW/2014, I like to be well informed. 

Everyday Outfit on styleinterplay.com
Accessories: Lucky Brand cocktail ring, assorted stacked rings, Snake Eyes ring from Cacto. Derek Cardigan glasses, vintage heart locket bracelet from my grandma (here's an Asos knockoff). A thrifted beanie and of course my vintage faux fur stole. Eurosport backpack found on amazon a couple years ago.

Everyday Outfit on styleinterplay.com
High waist skinny jeans,Topshop "Milla" Oxfords, Mens Coat, Eddie Bauer Top


Everyday Outfit on styleinterplay.comPhotography by ILLGANDER.COM

I had a great time shooting with ILL GANDER at a choice gymnasium on campus. I thought the shots turned out extra cool, and I just couldn't edit myself this week so we get lots of pictures today on the blog :) Hope everyone likes them as much as I do! If so, make sure to subscribe or follow and comment!

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