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Tayler Worrell www.StyleInterplay.com
Tayler Worrell www.StyleInterplay.com

Mondays. Mondays, Mondays. I like to think that the usual week-isms don't apply to me. I think the problem with week-isms are the actually weekend days. Why does nobody look forward to Monday? Well, it's the first day of the workweek. Get up early, answer work emails that built up over the weekend, start or end projects. Meetings, deadlines, and four more weekdays to follow until it's weekend again. 

After three months of working every single day of the week, I realized that it never mattered what day of the week it was, I always knew that I would be busy and I'd have things to do. Not a day went by that I ever thought that Wednesday was harder to get through than other day of the week. Now, having only work and school 5 days a week, it's actually a challenge sometimes. I find that my winter-y blues slap me in the face when I have excess amounts of free time. 

So that is the challenge I give myself this New Year. To put that free time to use, at least for the next few months it takes me to graduate, and I'm still in school. Pursuing those projects I have set out for myself, starting them, working hard on them and by the time I hit the finish line, I'll feel like I've sprinted through with all my physical and mental strength, that I'll be ready to move on to the next race.

Like that feeling of finishing a 5k cross country race and you really just want to use up all the energy you have to place in the race. Get a new PR, or achieve whatever goal you set for yourself, that's what I need to do for the rest of this school year. 

Also, I need to start running again. 

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