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This shoot with ILL GANDER is by far one of my favorites. As always, links are below of similar things to what I'm wearing (since nearly everything is thrifted). Enjoy the post! 


I'm always excited about interesting color stories in peoples looks. Granted, black and white are featured in nearly all of my outfits, but I really wanted to go all out in some color for this one. I noticed there are pops of red and purple dispersed throughout my closet, the decision was made once I selected my favorite pieces out in that color story, and hung them on a hook on my door. The challenge was finding the right accessoriesdid I want to go with black or brown, or both?

www.StyleInterplay.com Outfit

Obviously both! Opting for both brown and black gave me freedom to bring out one of my favorite thrifting finds: a Liz Claiborne purse. It's the perfect mix of lady like and structured and wearing it as a clutch was optimal for this look.

If you've been following me for a while, you probably recognize these old and tortured thrifted leather flats from this outfit post, and this spring look. The soles of these are worn all the way through, new shoes are definitely on my list of things I need.

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This necklace was given to me by my little sister, Zoë. She got them for all of our family members, each with a different symbol and meaning. The one given to me means success. A few weeks later, I am really enjoying having it with me. I love jewelry, especially sentimental jewelry and the meaning of this really fits me. The symbolism is analogous with my life right now, even more hopefully with this transition in my future! She really nailed it with this one. Thank you Zoë! 

www.StyleInterplay.com Outfit

Beauty: a mix of Sultry Sable + Really Red, by Revlon on my lips | Wet n' Wild Disturbia on nails
Outfit: Thrifted Asos Men's Sweater | H&M Purple Dress | Vintage Liz Claiborne PurseLeather Moccasin Flats | Red Knit Scarf 

Cuffing the sleeve of this boxy men's sweater and adding a pop of color on the lip sealed the styling deal making this one of my favorite looks this year so far. Tell me what you think! What are your favorite colors to wear? What you would like to see? What are the stories behind your style? Respond in the comments below and I'll be sure to respond via twitter or an upcoming post!

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