Hi everyone! Happy MLK day to those who commemorate it. I hope every one's week is off to a great start, I'm sure having Monday off of school for my fellow students is a kick in the right direction. Hope you enjoy this Mondays post! Enjoy reading the pseudo-tags on that door. 

www.StyleInterplay.comwww.StyleInterplay.comwww.StyleInterplay.comBig thanks to photogrpahy by, ILLGANDER for this amazing photo set. 
So many things roaming in my brain lately, I've been gravitating to more visual simplicity. As always, comfort is foremost, a touch of elegance and a clean palette is really important to me as of late. I'm wearing the same Giorgio Brutini Boots that I always wear, paired with one of my favorite nail colors, Dreamer by, Revlon    

I was inspired to bring out my Rachel Roy pencil skirt I got last year. Rachel Roy is probably one of my favorite designers; her story and brand image are immaculate. This knee length skirt— with horizontal black and white dress stripes, is a great piece for both formal or casual looks. I'd dress this look up with a blazer and more put together hair for the office, or even dress it down further with some Chuck Taylor's and crew neck sweatshirt.

The scarf is from H&M, but since H&M isn't really up on their online game, I couldn't find it. This Marble Scarf has a similar color scheme though. I originally bought it to wear as a headscarf when there was this month long period where my short hair grow out was painfully awkward. It's even more awkward to wear the same two headscarves over and over to work. Thankfully, that phase lasted only a month; I now wear it bundled up around my neck and over my head. 

I made this long sleeve shirt last year. Craig wore it for a while in Massachusetts, but left it here in Oregon over the break, and now it's mine again! This is inspiring a possible Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants scenario with him and I. Might be a cool project for those in long distance relationships like we are!

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