Pencil Skirt | Giorgio Brutini Boots | Silk T-Shirt |  Knit Scarf |  Key Necklace | Dooney & Bourke Bag | Fedora | Ring | Lipstick
Everything I'm wearing is made by me or thrifted, or gifted so I did my best to find similar! Photography: ILL GANDER

This break has been filled with lots of vintage and thrift shopping. We've found Craig some new boots from one of my favorite vintage store in Portland, Ray's Ragtime. A pair of vintage Justin's Kiddie Boots. I'm super jealous because I've wanted a pair for a while. I've been on the everlasting hunt for some leather flats— any kind of oxfords or loafers with no avail. Maybe I'll turn to online shopping, it's just not as fun as actual thrift shopping. 

For Christmas, Craig got me that key necklace I am wearing in this post. I love it. It's a classic and a perfect addition to my collection of vintage necklaces. He also got me the new BeyoncĂ© album. Today is the day I sit at my desk, sew and watch all of the videos it came with all day, on repeat if necessary. Now that you know what I am doing with my day, tell me: what are you doing with yours?!