Thursday, July 12, 2012


pnw summer outfit
pnw summer outfit

 Well into July and so far I have taken a tailoring class, corset making class and have strapless dress class in progress. This is my first time taking summer classes, living on my own, and living in a small town. I miss the big city scene, but I am really enjoying the small town feel here. Keeping myself busy with school and projects. I have some amazing people here to keep me company :) 

 My summer style is of the utmost simplicity, I can't be bothered in the summer. Most of the time you will see me in denim cut offs and a t-shirt.

I have spent countless hours in our blazing hot sewing lab, and have pinned my fingertips so many times I can't feel it anymore. But I have learned so many things I have been waiting to learn, which makes me so excited to make my Spring collection this year! I must document in a more organized fashion so I can share my progress. 

I am really just trying to have a stress free summer, why fret about little things, right? Corvallis is beautifully surrounded with places to run and hike and since I have yet to land a job, I have been able to enjoy the outdoors much more than last summer. In fact, I am about to go on a run soon! 

Enjoy yourselves! 
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