Oregon State fashion blogger

Hello my lovelies! Week 5 has ended which means Winter term is half way over! WAHHH? Where is time going? Although it is the perfect week for me to have acquired this nasty cold that makes me feel like a 7 year old with the amount of snot running from my nose. Attractive right? If this cold doesn't get me a boyfriend, these pants will! My new hot-pants. As my best friend/photographer Rachel said to me as she took the last photo, "You look skinny and sexy." New favorite complement. Definitely a keeper.... Oh I failed to mention the reason why it is the perfect week to get sick; because I get to stay in and watch all the New York Fashion Week shows! DUH. If you didn't already guess. 

Oregon State fashion blogger

I am wearing: LuckyBrand bracelets, ring, shoes and pants. Old navy (self altered) oxford, scarf from Yesstyle.com. Dooney & Bourke purse.

About the pants, let me begin by saying when the colored pants trend first arose when I was a junior in high school, I believe that was 2009? I loved the look. I bought purple forever 21 skinnies and wore them.... twice. Not cute. I had no idea how to style them. Well, it has been a few years and have since accumulated a much better grasp on how to style these bad boys. My best friend Alex would be proud. 

Oregon State fashion blogger

Pair brights with neutrals. The key is to mix the right amount of warm and cool tones. These pants are from Lucky Brand Jeans, a skinny capri style, which is my favorite out of any other style jeans. They are somewhat of a brick red warm tone which means that pairing them with warmer cream whites and browns will go best. My effort was to make them the focal point of the look and also quiet them down a little bit. So I paired them with these creme and tawny colored oxfords, creme white button up, my D&B purse, and brown knit scarf.

Food for thought- red and black is so out of trend, and is too sharp of a contrast. Black would go great with a warm mossy green color pant instead. Which is a color I would like to add more of to my closet. My nails are currently that color "Spanish Moss" by Revlon. Definitely my new favorite nail color.

If you are here in Corvallis you should come watch the Recycle Fashion Show where I will be popping and locking it down the runway. Just kidding my body doesn't do that. Thursday the 16th at 7 p.m.!