Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Why hello there! I'm sure everyone grieved my absence, but I am alive and well! This summer has brought some crazy ass changes in my life. And they have turned out unexpectedly well. 

Firstly, I am now single. I thought a lot about whether I wanted to state that or not. But it's a big deal and this blog is all about me! Thy said counterpart of over two years ended things. After a couple months of really low lows, I have emerged to the other side and feel happier than ever. Here is a little photo diary of snapshots of things that have made me happy throughout this summer, and little stories to partner! Grooving along. Spent a weekend at Music Fest Northwest, and thanks to making new friends I met most of the headlining acts and spent some time shopping with a bunch of touring bands! That was rad. Of course lyrical therapy has been a key holder in maintaining some sanity all these crazy transitions I'm going through, but you know what also helps? Dancing. Dancing cray with your best friends is seriously my favorite things when I get the energy, courage and time to go out. If not, dancing by myself in my bedroom to the same exact song on repeat won't bother anyone else. (This song.)
Relaxation nation. Keeping it chill with late night fires, morning coffee on the front porch and breathing innn anddd ouutttt. Early morning breeze and coffee are on the top of my list of favorite things. And there is something about letting your body smell like smoke that makes me feel closer to the earth. 

Work! I am SO LUCKY to be where I am. Only a few months ago I thought I'd be on the East coast working a shitty unpaid internship and eating tuna and eggs every day like last summer. That is not the case! Life has a way of giving you exactly what you need if you let it. I love what I do during the day and I love the city I'm in. Life's good. 

Eating my fair share of good food. Home grown and harvested greens, or locally made Penuchos from El Taco Yucateco it's safe to say I'm treating my body well and intaking only the best. 

This last photo above was when I spent a day at the Clackamas river with my bestie probably my favorite day of this summer so far. Checked off so many summer activities off of my list! Hiking, berry picking, swimming in a pool AND a river, cocert going and drinking by a fire! Perfect

Early Summer runs were my therapy, also how I slept at night. I've slowed them down to rarely ever, (my body starts to ache after a while). But, I'm not afraid to be that runner who will stop to take a picture of something on her phone if I see something I like :)

Hope you liked my short diary! 

Monday, August 4, 2014


I have some gypsy-like tendencies, I'll admit. No, I don't steal, nor do I travel enough. But, The essence and beauty of a gypsy-like aesthetic has always enamored me. Big beautiful layered jewelry, iridescent patterned fabric draped all around your body, long unwashed hair, bare feet. I put myself in a trance just dreaming of a life with collections of beautiful artifacts from my travels and eating fruit I picked for myself. Eggs in the morning from my free range chickens in my backyard, with coffee made from my neighbors coffee bean farm. Taking care of my sheep, creating my own wool yarn and garments for the winter. Peacefully living my life and truly being able to relish in the beauty around me. 

That's really what this is all about. Reveling in a life path I would totally be happy with. Did you enjoy it just for a second like I did? 

Monday, July 28, 2014


Tayler Worrell Instagram
Recently... on the Instagram front. If you live or like Pacific Northwest trendy things, then you should definitely come and follow me on Instagram. I keep things pretty :) Also, if you are a photographer in the PNW and would like to collab with me and my blog, I'm currently looking for cool new people to do some work for trade fashion and outfit photography. If you're interested, definitely drop me a line