Monday, October 26, 2015


This past week I didn't have internet at my new place and it was actually very refreshing. I'm not going to lie and say I didn't just use my phone data to replace it, but I found myself being a lot more creative with my time and thoughts. It's kind of sad how my routine is so greatly dependent on the internet. I work on the internet, I am entertained on the internet, I learn from the internet... What is my life?? 

It allowed me to reconnect with more hands on and mindful creative stuff that I have been neglecting for a while. Drawing, writing in a journal with a pen and paper, dancing to my own voice sliding around on hard wood that I'm not used to. Talking to my plants, (I'm telling you... it's the best therapy), whipping out my hand looms and weaving again

Sitting with my own thoughts. Letting myself go into trances about my future gypsy farm dream life. Realizing how loud things are around me... My dishwasher right now is going crazy, and I'm always startled by the beeping from the washer and dryer. The echo of voices that were never loud before. The slamming of pots and pans in the sink. The rumble of the building when a semi truck drives by.

Being drowned by content consumption and routine, those noises get lost in the bustle of life and weren't noticeable until I was forced to notice them.

It pours down rain and I can see it, but can't hear it. So I sit by the window and tune everything else out but the rain. Focus in on just that sound, and things feel peaceful again.

It's amazing how we can just decide what to pay attention to, or which thoughts to get lost in. We have more control than we think and it's really an amazing ability to explore. So with practice, I'm trying to be more intentional with what I hear. With how I listen, and what I listen to.

Ears perked.

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Monday, September 28, 2015


The cut offs and summer sandals are put away. I'm ready for the summer weather to officially leave. I'm in for crisp air, crunchy leaves, chai tea, lots more tea! sweaters, and not having to make up an excuse for being more of a homebody. Because staying at home and general personal relaxing time, kitchen time, (eating time) is more acceptable when it's cold out? Yes. I've been doing quite a bit of soul searching lately. Lots and lots of writing. I think I've come to a point in my life where I realized that I've reached a lot of my goals. None of my goals were really measurable or monumental... But more just about where I want to be at certain points in my life. To be candid, I've gotten what I've wanted much sooner than I thought I would. I thought it would take a bit more struggle to get where I am, just because I've always faced what seemed like a bit more opposition growing up to get to places I want to be... But it seems I've overcome any of those obstacles I had before. And that took a lot of work. A lot of it. And this post is TOTALLY me having an "in my 20's existential crisis about finding out what I want." I've always had the huge advantage in knowing what I want and really having the guts to go get it. For example, this blog was the first step I ever took to really be different and go for what I want. And you know what? I was totally bullied for it. Good ol' 2009? when I started this blog. Lost a lot of my friends because of course I was soooo weird and out casted for putting photos of myself on the Internet and talking about my clothes. Obviously a: "look at me now, bitch" moment I'm proud to have. But now there really isn't anything holding me back. I could do literally anything I want and I don't feel like there's much holding me back from it. Weird feeling. Great feeling.
It seams that this blog has become a lot more personal over the past year and I think I'm okay with it. It's a natural progression. It is taking me a bit of time getting comfortable actually putting random personal thoughts out there. And I'm not even sure that there are many that even care. But! I'm doing it anyways cause this blog is mine and I do what I want. That's a wrap! So much potential for awesome things in the future, and yes I'm having a really, really dumb "crisis" about it, but the only thing we (because everyone has these moments) can do is embrace it and lead the way! My advice? Just listen to Kendricks i on repeat till you feel good about yourself.  Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr  | Bloglovin' | Thanks Rachel for taking my pic!  

Monday, September 14, 2015


Jumpsuit Styling
Life's a changin', Again! Always! For those of you who don't follow me on instagram, I got a new job! woot woot. Anddd what am I doing? Blogging and social media. YEP. Who woulda thunk? It's been a month now and I have to say.... I LOVE IT. Sure! I'll do all the creative things I've loved to do my entire adult life all day every day. :) Anyways....

Rose Tattoo Portland
This jumpsuit. A new key piece in my monthly rotation. I usually have a hard time with jumpsuits because I'm 5'7" with a long torso. That means jumpsuits = camel toe and wedgie all day. No one likes that. But this new loose, relaxed jumpsuit trend going on is perfect. I'll rock it well after the trend dies. One of my favorite examples are the Ace & Jig Onsie Jumpsuits. My coworker has one and it looks fab on her. With little clogs or ankle booties... It's on my wishlist. 

Black Jumpsuit Outfit
What I'm wearing: H&M Jumpsuit, (similar), Target sandals (now on sale!). It doesn't take much to style this piece. I wore it with sandals here, but I could easily throw a sweater and wear it with booties too. Or dress it up with a necklace and nicer flats or heals. I'm a big fan.

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