Wednesday, September 14, 2016


bike rack and shelf
1. This clean hardwood + shelf bike rack by Proventura on etsy. 
High waisted corduroy pants2. High waist pink corduroy wide leg pant? Yes Please. But styled with these oxfords and this tee, tucked a full tuck. At Lindsay Says Gah by Trademark. 

Portland Made

3. I don't know where I'm shuttling to, but I'm definitely shuttling in this new Shuttle Pack by Wood&Faulk.

Amelie Fontaine Girl and Leopard

4. This piece by Amélie Fontaine. It's not really even my style, but I see it saved in my inspirations and it feels really important every time I look at it.

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Friday, July 1, 2016


Style Interplay Portland Blog
Something is happening. Perspective is expanding. We're growing. We're growing human beings and although I feel like I'm constantly in stress for one reason or the other, perspective can deal with it. Just deal with it, okay? 

More perspective, less stress. I want more perspective. Perspective is the solution. More perspective?

From mistakes. From experiences. From life. Living a life open to mistakes and experiences. Putting yourself out there. Purposely doing so expecting that you're going to mess it all up and if not, you're lucky, it was meant to be; or something else romantic like that. 

Style Interplay Portland Blog - Tayler WorrellIs it meant to be? Is anything meant to be, really? I like to think so. I like to tell myself that. Because if nothing was meant to be, and everything wasn't how it was supposed to be, then it would be wrong. 

Not meant to be. More stress, less peace. 

When it's not meant to be, and there is no perspective. There's stress. That thing that most people are running towards, but I want to run away from. 

So, what do you do?

You let it float. 

It Will Make Sense Later - How To Deal With Stress

You let it float on by. It's not yours. 

Let it fire up. Heat the air around you. 

You? You'll be fine. You'll float with it. Up, down, side to side. Until it runs out. The air cools, and with the grace you allowed for it to be present, with grace it will float on down to earth and sink below you. 

There's a place for it to be housed. Just not in you. Not with you, but alongside you. With its presence that doesn't envelope you.  It can't force you to take the ride.  

But more rides, more perspective. 

So just take the ride, smile about it.

It will make sense later.

Tayler Worrell Blog

Friday, May 13, 2016


Portland Clothing Line by Allison Reaves
Allison Reaves, an optimistic, down to earth creative soul with a knack for making things look "just so." A look not many can emulate, but many aspire to obtain now we can get close in her new clothing line: The General Public.

One of the best Saturday breakfast mates, and someone who's taught me a thing or two about photography; I've had the privilege of watching Allison's idea behind: i am, you are, we.; unfold.

PDX Fashion
"It's a process of empowerment. It's a mode of being when uniqueness leads to participation and participation leads to unity. Every act true to the self strengthens the whole."
Allison ReavesOld photos of her family in snowy Montana, skinny love sketches from her sister hang on an old cork board with a beautifully tacky truckers Montana mug in hand. A blend of things that couldn't be found anywhere else makes Allison's creative vision truly one of a kind. 

Americana reds come to life hanging alongside medium wash denim blues, and give workwear canvases a place outside of the neutral color palette into everyday go-to's.

Anytime I get the chance to hear her speak about what inspires her, I'm always in awe of the familial heritage at the core of her spirit. How she takes that and turns it into something contemporary that everyone wants to get their hands on. I think it's because it does come from such an honest place. The line makes up everything she really loves, not many designers can take such unique personal inspiration and turn it into something for The General Public.

Well... She has. And that's just what it is.
Shop The General Public
She let me try on some pieces.. I'm waiting for the decoy jumpsuit (as I posted about here) and the covey dress in red! 

Portland Independent Designer
Find out more about The General Public here
Instagram: @shopthegp / @allisonreaves