Monday, December 15, 2014


It is far too cold for anyone in Oregon to be barefoot right now. Yet, I still needed to share the last installment of the lifestyle shoot I did with Allison Reaves. So here are the photos along with rambles here and there about what's going on in my life! 

Last week was a big week. My grandpa had surgery on his skull, of which he is still in intensive care for. I finally got to go visit him over this past weekend. Going to the hospital for any reason is always a strange feeling and experience. Never an easy one. But the best thing is to always keep spirits up. 

My brother turned the big two-o. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm the eldest of 4 kids at ages 20, 17 and 16. It's been pretty crazy watching them all grow up. We're all still babies but I'm proud of them. 
Last part of my weekly news update is that I got a tattoo. I got somewhat of a spontaneous opportunity to get tattooed by Talley Matthew. Someone who I had been following on intagram for a while who happened to be traveling through Portland last week. I love the piece so much I could cry! See his instagram photo here to see what I got. I'm sure I'll post a process type post about it later when it's all heeled! I'll post updates on my instagram too so catch me there :) 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Just a couple items that would be a awesome gifts for anyone similar to me! I decided that'd be the easiest guide to make, because I'm often told by non-style/aesthetic focused people that I'm a hard one to shop for. So, if you have a sister, spouse, bestie, cousin, anyone on your list who's in their twenties, into home, style, food, etc. here's a good start for inspiration! Click directly on the items to shop.

Coffee table books: Who doesn't want to expand their collection of beautiful books? I suggest anything about architecture, cooking, photography or fashion

Home goods: Small set of mugs, a cool bottle opener, incenseLittle things that would help embellish a young persons living arrangements and make them feel special. 

One-size accessories: A knit beanie, classic plaid scarf, a gold bangle or maybe a new leather bag for work or weekend adventures. These are all great options for someone who likes to wear their gifts. 

Creatives: If he/she has things to write, draw, organize with a pen and some paper then a new Moleskine for the calendar year is always a good option.  Write a personal note on the inside cover and you're set.