Monday, August 4, 2014


I have some gypsy-like tendencies, I'll admit. No, I don't steal, nor do I travel enough. But, The essence and beauty of a gypsy-like aesthetic has always enamored me. Big beautiful layered jewelry, iridescent patterned fabric draped all around your body, long unwashed hair, bare feet. I put myself in a trance just dreaming of a life with collections of beautiful artifacts from my travels and eating fruit I picked for myself. Eggs in the morning from my free range chickens in my backyard, with coffee made from my neighbors coffee bean farm. Taking care of my sheep, creating my own wool yarn and garments for the winter. Peacefully living my life and truly being able to relish in the beauty around me. 

That's really what this is all about. Reveling in a life path I would totally be happy with. Did you enjoy it just for a second like I did? 

Monday, July 28, 2014


Tayler Worrell Instagram
Recently... on the Instagram front. If you live or like Pacific Northwest trendy things, then you should definitely come and follow me on Instagram. I keep things pretty :) Also, if you are a photographer in the PNW and would like to collab with me and my blog, I'm currently looking for cool new people to do some work for trade fashion and outfit photography. If you're interested, definitely drop me a line

Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm a collector of inspiration. It's basically my job to be inspired all the time. It fades to almost disappearing, comes in waves, and sometimes crashes over you like a tsunami. My life has had a lot of change, and I am horrible at change (only now, admittedly. And I am working on it). 

What has stemmed from the way things have been going in my life is a hard core search for inspiration. Sometimes, it just doesn't come naturally and you have to work for it. Those are the times we need inspiration the most. So today is all about Inspiration Monday! In list form of course, and no particular order. 

Life and Change Inspiration Quotes

1. Amongst my search, I've decided to commit to something I love and have always wanted covering my body in art. This first image will give you a hint of what I'm getting. 

2. "I don't know what I'm doing but I'm doing it anyway." Story of my entire life. I usually don't know what I'm doing and I just do things and hope they turn out how I intend them too. I think this is one of many secrets to being a successful person. Just do things. Do them. 

3. Pretty lady Picasso. Line drawings are a fundamental practice to building the hand eye coordination and skills to be whatever kind of artist you want to be. Ever taken an intro art class of any kind? They get tiring, but easily forgotten. When life is in chaos, go back to your fundamentals. 

4. "Roll with the punches." I cannot roll with the punches. I am not a roll with the punches kind of person. When the punches start rolling, they hit me right in the throat. Why am I so high strung? I'm still figuring that out. 

Inspiration about change and life.
5. "We'll all float on." Floating is a nice metaphor for anything having to with calmness and relaxation. So yeah— everything will be okay. 

6. Tina Belcher. An inspiration to all. 

7. Note to self... Going back to the fundamentals again. When things go crazy in your life, be kind to yourself. You must learn to be kind to yourself before you can truly be kind to anyone else. 

8. BE YOSELF. You are your own destiny! All of the cheesy things! They help though when you need them to. So take it seriously.  

9. "Embrace the glorious mess that you are." I'm not sure if this is from Gilberts, Eat Pray Loveor not. But I would say that yes, embrace everything that you are and change what you'd like to change. Things cannot get better without first embracing and understanding what the mess is in front of you so that you can learn and grow from it. 

10. "Some fo the best paintings come from a messy palette." I made that one up myself, from my own noggin. You're welcome. It also means a lot to me.